Friday, April 8, 2011

Shoe Challenge #48: Blue and cold

What: Bershka blue balerina flats
Where: out to dinner with the Boy
Wearing: Zara sweater, H&M t-shirt, Zara blue cropped jeans, F&F bag (not shown)
It was a warm day yesterday and that fooled me to believe this sweater would be enough to keep me warm in the evening as well. It wasn't thou and neither were these cropped jeans. I guess it really isn't summerish spring yet and layering should be a must for these days nights.. Otherwise this sweater is so much fun! I love how loooong it is and the Boy was saying that it looks suitable for the beach (not sure this was meant as a compliment harhar) but that was exactly the feeling I had when I was getting dressed!:) I always get beach obsessed when it gets warm. Envious of everyone who lives near one.. Gotta run now, happy weekend!

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