Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shoe Challenge #45: Dorothy girl

What: Dorothy Perkins flats
Where: uni seminar and then shopping
Wearing: Stradivarius sweater, Dorothy Perkins dress (possibly t-shirt?), F&F tights, Reserved bag, Topshop ring*
 These flats are comfy and cute and have the perfect shade of peachy pink. Definitely a casual every-day-ish shoe that I think will get a lot of wear this summer... I was gonna wear the Vivienne's that arrived yesterday but it was way colder than I thought it was gonna be so couldn't go out bare-foot./
*here you can see the Topshop ring I bought today (and wore rigth away - that's how you can tell if something is gonna be a good addition to the wardrobe, since you just have to wear it right first thing!)

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