Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shoe Challenge #65: Rain Rain go away

 What: Gate flowered rain boots
Where: *yesterday to uni and today out with Dracul
Wearing: Zara romper that I turned into a dress, H&M sweater, H&M tights

 I'm not a huge fan of rain boots but when it's been drizzling two days and the ground is wet and nasty, you don't wanna ruin your heels, oh no. You much rather put on some happy flower printed rain boots and prancy along. These boots were a recent purchase in Gate, a store that sells super-cheap stuff, I was so surprised! Ages ago I had bought a pair of balerina flats at Gate and then totally forgot that such a store existed. But then Friday and the way home I went by a newly opened Gate store at Vaclavske namesti a bought a pair of cute leopard print flats (only 150 Kc?! That's like what, 5 pounds?) and these boots. They replaced my pink wellington boots that I fell out of love with because I DIYed them and they just didn't match my expectations. Anyways, these will have to do for this rainy season:) How was everyone's Easter?

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