Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shoe Challenge #59: Woooweee

 What: Zara pre-fall collection broche detail leather flats
Where: school and then shopping
Wearing: Bershka booty shorts, H&M pink/whit 3/4 sleeved t-shirt, H&M denim jacket, Topshop fake fur bag, F&F tights (not sure, could be diff. brand..)
 Had a lazy Thursday, feeling a bit sickly so took day off from work and wanted to relax, but instead went shopping and bought new Melissa flat sandals (love this brand!!!) and bought a pair of really cute wellies at Gate (and also a pair of pointy toe flats to replace a pair I've had for years and have worn the death out of..). I am officially prepaired for rain now! (That doesn't mean I want to itthough, cause I love sunshine..)
 These sandals I wore yesterday, but it wasn't quite warm enough for them yet. They'll be in the shoe challenge soon, but I wanted to try them out since my Boy got them for me during out London trip.
 Dracul (aka Mr. Piggy) being all evil and messing up the flat. He likes to do this and then watch me clean up, mean little pig:)
*what I was thinking of wearing but then decided to wear with what I have on in the first three photos. Too many possibilities makes it hard sometimes:) But gotta love that:))

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