Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoe Challenge #66: ICECREAM!

 What: Miss L Fire Knickerbocker Glory Wedge
Where: uni
Wearing: Topshop dress, H&M tights, Mango cropped sweater, H&M trenchcoat
 These shoes were a recent purchase on, they were on sale and I kinda fell in love with them on site. It took Asos only a really short time to send them to me and the shipping was of no charge? I think I love Asos.. :) The shoes themselves are total girlie fun, they are supposed to be ice cream cones filled with ice cream? Pretty fuckin rad! And the wedge is rubber and makes it so easy to walk on! Loves these shoes! (At the end of the daay my toes pinched a little but small price to pay haha).

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Heel, Body, and Sole said...

oh I love your shoes!!! They're so different and I'm all for unique styled shoes