Monday, April 4, 2011

Shoe Challenge #44: Spring Flowers

 What: Zara flower detailed t-bar flats
Where: park near the Boy's parents' flat after Sunday family lunch get-together
Wearing: H&M polka dot dress, H&M tights, Mango bag, Swatch watch gifted from the Boy
So yeah I basically live for the weekends. And this one was especially magical since the weather was just divine! After lunch with the boy's family, we went out for a walk and then to do some shopping, will post up what I bought soon, promise. Anyways, it's Monday now and I have to get some things done, arrgh. Also the Boy has been scaring me with talk of us going to the gym. Anyone know any good excuses?:) xoxo, MsVeve


Vintage Hippo said...

I love this outfit! The shoes go really great with the polka dots :)

MsVeve said...

Thank you:) I was actually quite surprised that these two print went together..