Friday, April 8, 2011

Shoe Challenge #49: ADIDAS

 What: Adidas Superstars (I wasn't gonna include these shoes in the Shoe Challenge because they're trainers after all, but when I go out with Mr. Piggy I cannot wear dressy shoes..)
Where: doctor check-up
Wearing: Zara blue skinny jeans, Zara white/grey strip long-sleeved tee, orange Reserved sweater, Bershka leather jacket, black H&M scarf, Adidas Originals bag that I use to carry Mr.Piggy around
 close-up of Mr.Piggy in the bag
 Mr.Piggy was rather evil today and didn't want to listen at all and perhaps it wasn't the best idea to take him with me to see my doc but still, I didn't want him to be bored at the flat and ruin stuff and I wanted him to enjoy Spring with me. Plus my doctor said she wanted to see Dracul so it wasn't like he wasn't invited or anything. In the end it was a nice morning but the trip to the doc's took a lot longer because of Mr. Piggy.. we also stopped by La Gare and bought cake and then right before going home we bought strawberries that we just ate like 10 minutes ago. Delicious. Bot me & Mr. Piggy are happy:)

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