Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shoe Challenge #47: Post From the Past*

 What: New Look grey suede wedges
Where: last night out with the Boy and his friends + today with Mr. Piggy in the garden*
Wearing: a)last night: black Zara Basic skirt, Topshop tights, Topshop "dog" belt, black tee Promod (?), also wore a grey Mango jacket
b) today with same skirt and white H&M tee (which I'll be wearing with the jeans from yesterday's post to uni in a bit)
 *wouldn't have worn these out today again but yesterday I only managed to get one picture (since me and the Boy had a slight disagreement on the way home and I didn't want to ask him for photos because I'm as hard-headed as they come) and I wanted to take some normal pix of them so ta da - me & Mr. Piggy in the garden and thus a postfrom the past, kinda.
The wedges are comfy enough to walk in but after a while they start pinching the little toes which is sooo painful. Had to walk home (on those stupid cobble stones that are everywhere in Prague city centre aargh!) rather slowly.. or well slower than I usually walk. And had to keep telling the Boy to slow down so that I could keep up. Weird. But still, they are very pretty shoes and make you feel sexy which I think a shoe should do. So definitely will wear them again, though not too soon since still many many shoes to go in the shoe challenge:)

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