Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoe Challenge #67: kitty-kat

 What: Gate leopard print pointy toe flats
Where: uni and then work
Wearing: Zara DIYed dress, Stradivarius belt, Iron Fist bag, Zara cardigan, H&M scarf, H&M tights
Today was a nice warm day and it feels so much like the weekend it's confusing:) Speaking of confusing, I recounted my shoes in my collection and ended up with 148 pairs? Where did that come from?! And out of that I think about four pairs I'm not sure if I'll include in the challenge or not because they're either old and ruined or too boring, and one pair are the Bershka slouchy boots that I threw away but already included in the challenge. But still that adds up to 144 pairs and I thought it was "only" 139 pairs. Huh. Plus ehm I kinda ordered three more pairs of shoes, yeah. So that'll make it 147 pairs and so basically, I'm not over half yet. Wow. Am shocked! :D

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