Friday, September 16, 2011

Shoe Challenge #192: Another Irregular Day

 What: Irregular Choice polka dot sandals
Where: out for a walk, photos from Thursday
Wearing: Topshop polka dot dress, Bershka shirt, Topshop bag
 I love love love this bag! You can change it from backpack form to cross body (as you will see in the next post or the one after) or hold it in your hand. I also really like the color, it was a gift from the boy for our upcoming anni plus passing my exams:)
As for the shoes, well, I love love love Irregular Choice and these are a bit more 'normal' thou they still are quite fun. They have a tiny polka dot print and you can tie them up as you wish. I paired them with my possibly favorite dress, I bought it during my London trip and love it. (I really wore lots of things I love here, didn't I?:)

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