Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shoe Challenge #187: Uni girl

 What: Chloe CH16400 PVC/leather flats
Where: university oral exam, aaaargh!
Wearing: Mango sweater (favorite), Topshop dress, Topshop belt (favorite), H&M tights, Citizen watch, lucky charm necklace, Stradivarius earrings
 On my way to a uni exam in a little while and am beyond nervous. So decided to wear all my favorite/lucky stuff. I don't believe in that but being comfy and happy sure helps in nervous situations right? Here I am posing at home with my huge pig stuffed animal. And my real pig too, of course.
 These shoes are amazing. I love them. I was gonna shoe challenge them earlier but then I kept saving them for a special occasion and now pretty soon it'll be too cold to wear them! Aargh! Anyways, my boy got them for me for my bday during our Paris trip this summer.
Well, I'm off now. Still have time but I'm nervous and I'm the type that can't sit still. I so hope it doesn't rain! And of course I hope I pass the exam. See you tommorrow, xoxo, MsVeve

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Aline Chirinian said...

Good Luck Veve!
I love the dress, I almost got a similar one from Zara :)