Friday, September 23, 2011

195 If you expected better, well, there might be a few tears..

 What: Stradivarius strap/buckle wedges in beige leather
Where: dinner/shopping with the boy
Wearing: Zara jeans, Zara leopard print scarf, Mango sweater, Zara tee ("I Love Summer" print), H&M socks, Topshop bag
 You might not believe me but there's nothing wrong with my hand, it's just cold. Hence the sweater and scarf, could have gone with a jacket too. Anyways, yesterday me & the boy had a day off from work and we went to a watch exhibition (which totally sucked btw) and then we relaxed and watched movies and ate loads etc. We were supposed to go on a piggy trip but alas no car so we had to cancle. Sad, but at least we rested.)
 See: I do have both hands! As for the camera well, same old same old. Maybe one day (far far away) I'll have a nice lux cam but for now, yall will have to settle for reality style pics, because I said so.
Now I must be off to score a good schedule at uni, wish me luck! Xoxox, MsVeve


Anonymous said...

love your blog!
hurry and come enter my giveaway for a GORGEOUS black strapless dress, valued at over $150, courtesy of PromGirl! giveaway ends sunday at midnight! it's so easy to enter, and i hope i'll see your name!


Wida said...

Good luck! :D You look so warm and comfy!

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