Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shoe Challenge #191: You Make Me Wish I was Wearing Heels

 What: Zara Woman satin bow detail peep toes
Where: no where particular
Wearing: H&M DIYed white tee, Stradivarius fitted leopard print jacket, Zara jeans
Sometimes it's nice to dress up even with no place to go. Like whilest studying at home and painfully awaiting the arrival of a pair of shoes that should have totally arrived by now. Worst thing is I'm planning on wearing these shoes tomorrow to my exam but now there's no way for that cause the damned post lady always just leaves a note and I have to then go to the post office and you can only pick up the item in the afternoon after 6 p.m., which means since they haven't arrived today, there is no way for them to make it on time for my one o'clock exam. Damn. Anyways, back to the shoes I'm saving right now. A lovely pair of satin heels with a prefect bow above the peep toe and pretty heel detail (crappy photos but you know, exam tomorrow yaddy yadda.) I wore them last to a friend's prom. They're actually quite comfy and everything, but at the end of the night was glad to take them off:D The only annoying thing is that after a while (like a month or so) the beep sound stores have to protect their goods magically reappeared?? Have no idea how that happened but it is severely annoying.. Anyways, that's all for today..

Wish me luck tomorrow!


Aline C. said...

such cute shoes! Love them, want them :D

MsVeve said...