Monday, September 5, 2011

Shoe Challenge #184 and 185: Two Birds With One Stone

 What: H&M snake-skin print balerina flats + Bershka open toes
Where: Off to lunch with the boy's family
Wearing: Zara Woman skirt, Zara tee, H&M tights, Mango bag, Azone sunglasses
 So, these are my "saver" flats - the ones you put in your bag just in case your feet are killing you and you need to change shoes asap. The second pair I wore Sunday are by Bershka, and are a classic open toed shoe, nothing too overwhelming. Nothing insane.) You might be thinking, why have I saved two pairs of shoes at once, given that the second pair isn't even some crazy uncomfy unwearable shoes? Well, when we go to the boy's parents' flat, we take the traina nd the fastest way to get to the station involves a unwalkable steep little hill and bushes etc. So I had no choice but to wear flats for that part of the trip.

So now I should be off studying. Wish me luck (this Thursday!), xoxo, MsVeve

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