Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lusting after - the RARE addition

If there is a brand I love for amazing ,trendy (and affordable, or well if you have any money to spare) dresses it has got to be Rare. I'd buy every single one if I had the cash (which I don't), starting with the sequinned bodice number, the block color two-tone dress and the amazing and utterly rad studded collar dress. The floral one isn't bad either but not as utterly mind-blowing as the rest. Granted, these aren't NY Fashion week worthy or London Milan, but for a wearable and attainable brand they're really some ok dresses right? (photos via asos.com)


Liz Lizo said...

Love these looks, didnt know about this brand, thanks for posting.

Liz Lizo

MsVeve said...

:)) if you get anything, let me know:)