Friday, September 9, 2011

Shoe Challenge #188: Time Flies

 What: Asos Mensy suede shoes
Where: dinner out, pictures from returning home from celebratory dinner for having passed my exam:)
Wearing: my new Zara Woman Studio ecoleather dress with 3/4 sleeves (LOVE IT!), Camad. coat, H&M tights, Stradivarius bag and earrings, Zara green with orange polka dots scarf*
 I bought these shoes a while back this year and I couldn't wait to wear them, but then I was busy saving peep toes and sandals (which sadly I still have a few to get thru). Also it was still summer back then. Now, however, the season has changed, or so it seems. Last night I was wearing a coat! A semi-winter coat!! (Ok, so not so wintery, but still, a coat nonetheless.) It seems that time flies when your saving shoes! Now when I bought these shoes, I had Rumi Neely in mind somehow, I figure it was the type of shoe she could get away with with a short little dress or something. Yesterday, after passing my exam, (yes yes yesssss!), I stopped by Zara and found THIS DRESS. It was love at first sight. It was on sale! It was a size bigger than I usually wear (L instead of M) but since it was leather and very short I thought the size up was a god thing. I think I will get a lot of wear out of it, and if not, well, it'll still be a very special dress for me:) The scarf, now there's a story on its own. I bought it in Zara and wore it right away to dinner with the boy and his parents and then I lost it?! I probably forgot it in the restaurant. I was sooo sad. So anyways, I hunted it down in Zara again and bought it for the second time.
Well, now I'm off to study for ANOTHER exam and all that. (And thinking up ways to warm up ope toes and sandals, uggh.) Till next time, xoxox, MsVeve

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Ronny said...

i saw you have a goldstar lighter in hebrew :) are you israeli or something? so nice to see a fellow shoe lover from the area!