Friday, September 2, 2011

Grrrr Grrrr Grrrr

So yesterday I picked up my scanner and tried to install it, only to realized that it's not compatible with my operating system. Luckily my computer has more OSs on it, but while I was switching systems, my computer froze and basically broke down. Bloody hell! So I was like, ok, I'll get it fixed after my exams, lucky me I have another computer. The scanner doesn't work on that one either. Fucking hell! I could have saved myself the trouble. So now I'm writing this on my ancient compy, have no scanner anyways, my better compy is not working - yes, the one I load all my photos onto etc. And I haven't studied all day and yesterday as well cause was wasting time with this. I feel like screaming, seriously. So anyways, there will be no shoe challenge post today. What a shocker, right? Hope yall doing better than I, xoxo

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