Friday, September 2, 2011

183 Expectations

What: Monton leather sandals
Where: at the flat, pretending to be studying but instead thinking about shoes
Wearing: Topshop Dress-up dress, Topshop belt

I was thinking of doing a "three-ways-to-wear-it" post but then got lazy. I also lied to you about not saving any shoes, har har. I bought these sandals right before I went on my Amsterdam trip two years ago. And wore them there a bit, though cobble stones are not friends to these sandals, no no. The shoe challenges have made me realize that most of my shoes are compatible only with solid, straight ground. Thus completely unsuitable for Prague, where I live. No wonder I tend to be in agony most of the time. I have yet to find heels that love the cobble stones, if such a shoe creature exists. Have a lovely weekend lovies,)