Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Night

I haven't been taking pictures lately, because well, my camera is a sad story and it's a bit embaressing. Last night my boy was celebrating his bday, albeit a bit belatedly but still, whatever. The party was good, lasted till midnight (but we started at 7, so..) and on the way home we got in a major major argument. Now, our future together is well, not so sure. And ironically enough, today is our anniversary. I hope things will be .. resolved. I now vow to try to be better, stop just doing nothing and watching my life pass me by. I mean, I say I want to be a writer, but do I write? I say I want to be more involved with things that interst me, fashion and animals and culture. But what do I do? Nothing. I say I want to live more health-conscienciously and be better to my body. But there I am, smoking and drinking and eating godknowswhat. I say I want my flat to be a home, but it is messy and I am a mess too. I now will change. They say people never really do though, but they say a lot of things. I will change, I will make a difference, in myself, in my life and perhaps, hopefully, in the world. Last night opened my eyes.

And a little p.s. Matoušku, miluji Tě.)


magiczna said...

cute earrings :)

Thick Threads said...

hope things turn out good for you. sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend. once you start doing things that have been piling up on your to-do list you'll feel much better :) great picture of you. you look very pretty


Aline C. said...

Ouch birthday, anniversary and a potential breakup all in a few days time! :O yikes, hope everything works out Veve!!!
I sorta know how you feel, I felt like that for a while, but blogging really opened my eyes and then opportunities started popping up. I might, scratch that, I do sound like a broken record but you'll definitely figure it out and it will get better. Although your room might stay a mess, at least that's my case :P But it's ok, as long as the closest is somewhat organized and you can find the right shoes!!

MsVeve said...

Things are better now, yesterday was still a bit on edge but today seems good. I guess there have to be bad days in order to really enjoy the good ones..

thanks for the comments.)