Tuesday, September 27, 2011


  • I took shoe chalenge pictures last night and was totally gonna show yall
  • I managed to bring my camera BUT
  • forgot to take the cable with me
  • so that means no shoe challenge untill I get home, or tomorrow.
  • I'm at work and have loaaads to do
  • So instead: here is an inspioration post, mixing three love factors = lollies, writing and Abbey
  • On a completely unrelated matetr, uni is starting next week
  • and I'm actually a bit excited.)
  • Yup, back to school for MsVeve (dressing for class is so much more fun than dressing for work!)
  • Cannot wait to go supplies shopping (what can I say, I like pens and notebooks etc.)
  • I'm thinking of buying a sewing machine.
  • It's on THE LIST (more about this later)
  • well, gotta run now, talk later luvrs

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