Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shoe Challenge #182: Autumn is here

 This was the view outta my window this morning, chilly! Today is the day kids go back to school (I still have a month before uni starts, yeay! but have exams coming up real soon, yikes!) and it was autumn weather. I decided to do a quick shoe save while heading out to the drug store to buy shampoo and hair dye etc. Being inspired by The Pink Haired Princess and ForeverAmber I wanted to do something to my (cut it?) with my hair. Since most of my hair is dyed black I don't really have many choices in the matter. But I decided to dye the roots a very natural looking red.
 Shoes: Zara wooden leather sandals
Wearing: Zara jeans, Gate sweatshirt, ??? bag
(e.g. very simple shopping outfit)
I really love these sandals and am a bit dissapointed in myself for doing such a half-arsed shoe save. I mean, no make-up, no interesting outfit, no nothing, but I'm too much here-there-and-everywhere today to be saving shoes properly I guess. All I'm really able to do is eat crackers and look through my favorite blogs and think about autumn and winter and be all la-la-la. Speaking of autumn though, I'm kinda excited about the new Bones episodes (though to be honest, the show has gone a bit down hill in the last few seasons. I remember seasons 2-3 being oh-so-good and now kinda blahh, hope they pick up their game.) (Well at least they haven't done a sister-show to it yet, I hate it when that happens. Like with Buffy and Angle, for Grey's Anatomy and whatever the other show was called, Friends and Joey,....) Anyways, I'm gonna head out to pick up my auctioned scanner in a little while and will have a special "inspired" post for yall later, promise.) xoxo

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