Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shoe Challenge #186: Toughies and Storage troubles

 What: Zara Woman gold sole strappy sandals with an amazing heel
Where: deytour from studying.)
Wearing: Zara tee, Stradivarius bag and pants
 I bought these right after Christmas, one of my favorite shoe shopping times obviously.) I remember I was very much lusting after these, but they were a tad too expensive and then FINALLY they went on sale. I had to go a size up (from my usual 39/UK 6 to a 40/UK7) because the straps on these shoes are unyeilding. These are definitely NOT the comfiest shoes but I do dare say they are one of the loveliest pairs I own.
 I adore the gold sole of the shoe (red soles eat your heart out!) I decided to dress them down for yesterdays shoe challenge. I thought they'd make an interesting combo with tight trousers and a white basic tee. The bag compliments the gold of the soles. I really love gold soles.))
 A while back a shoe challenge friend asked about my shoe storage situation. Well, it's a catastrophy. I have three places where I keep my shoes (5 if you count the ones boxed up under my bed and the few I keep at my parents' house - which obviously I don't count, because I wasn't about to take photos of under my bed and ok whatever, you get the idea..): a book case made into a shoe closet thing, pictured above. It is the most chaotic of the three storage places.. Also my boy has one shelf in this section, yes only one. I keep all kinds of shoes here..
 Then there's the shelves above the couch. I keep most of my jelly shoes here.) and heels. I think they make a nice room decoration as well as a shoe storage solution.)
Finally, there's the place above my library by my bed. I keep shoes that I haven't thrown away the boxes here.) Mostly Irregular choice shoes.) Three Melissas. And my more expensive shoes like the Chloe flats I got for my bday (still haven't shoe challenged them yet! Oh!) or the Lanvin for H&M heel, my Calvin Kleins etc. Anyways, I'm good as long as I don't buy any more shoes haha and you know how I'm with that.. xoxo, MsVeve

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