Monday, December 5, 2011

Dressember 5: Shoe Challenge 229

 Today is a special Dressember day since FINALLY I'm saving some shoes! I'm cutting gym class today - again - so will get away with wearing heels, yeay. Wearing: Topshop dress, asos Sabrina slipper heels
 Whilst the dress was bought on sale like a year ago, these shoes were ordered via Asos the moment they appeared on site. I fell in love with them right away. The tartan print mixed with the slipper-esque vamp: LOVE. Add that funky heel and you got a keeper. However, they aren't as easy to wear as I originally thought (e.g. definitely not the most comfy shoes and with the rainy season in Prague now, you get the idea right..)
But today is a special day and these shoes do need the saving. See you later for more shoe/dress action. Xox, MsV

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