Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dressember Yesterday

 Another day of dressember and a night out with the boy's friends. Sadly, it was fucking freezing and whilst waiting for the tram home I nearly froze to death. But I braved it in a dress nonetheless. I also whopped out my largest shawl ever - courtesy of Zara. Oh and remember how I promised I'd have a new scanner soon? Well, I've got it from Tuesday but @%$! it doesn't work on my OS. I might just actually be cursed.
 But enough about my mishaps.. and on to the more important part of this blog - what I wore. Besides the aformentioned Zara scarf. There's the Asos coat, Zara hat, Vagabond boots, H&M dress, Topshop belt, Mango sweater, Stradivarius bag. Basically my favorite stuff.
 I took this photo right before crossing the bridge and entering the pub and I wish I had taken the time to take a proper pic but like I said, it was bloody cold and the snow/rain was starting to fall and I was in a hurry. Still, it is a fantastic view, I love the Prague castle!
 And pink, obvs. Stay in the pink, xox, MsV