Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dressember December

Dress: redherring
Shoes: H&M "rescue flats"
Headband: JaneBond
I decided to start Dressember December in style: with a tight fitting red cocktail dress. It's from redherring's special edition collection that I bought two or three years ago. I had to get it fitted though cause it wasn't tight enough.. The headband is one of my favorites, I got it last year as a Christmas pressie from the Boy. It has a little bird on it.. The shoes are from H&M and are one of those rescue pairs (the type of shoes you take in your handbag for end-of-the-night my-feet-are-killing-me scenerios. I love that they're sequinned. Anyways, today is December the 1st. Which means that Christmas is round the corner and I get my typical Christmas spirit right about now. I already have most of the shopping for gifts done and yesterday I even wrapped presents:) Btw, there's a delay with the scanner but hopefully that will all be in order soon.


Roisin Muldoon said...

Wow! What a spectacular start! x

MsVeve said...

thanks so much for stopping by:)