Thursday, December 8, 2011

Would Wear Didn't Wear

Today's addition of Would Wear Did Wear is for the purpose of another shoe challenge but with a twist - since there'll be no Did Wear photos. Why? My 'Did Wears' are PJs - and they don't photograph well harhar..
 So in my alter-reality this is what I'd be wearing today. I have already worn these H&M shiny brogues outside so this isn't a shoe challenge cheat. But when I had worn them I didn't stop to snapaty-snap-snap them with the cam. Because I'm quirky that way. So instead I give you an imaginery outfit post. Along with photoshop:
 Because every good blogger uses photoshop. It's DressArt I tell you! Go along with it.. (Zara dress bought last year, Mango bag - I wasn't gonna add the bag, as I had not been going anywhere, but then I thought,hell, you guys need something to look at. You're welcome.)
 One more for the go.

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