Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dressember 4: Nurnberg

 Today the boy & his mum and dad & I went for a little car trip to Germany to see the holiday stands in Nurnberg. And to drink wine. You must drink hot wine whilst in Nurnberg. It's tradition. (Also you must eat loads and loads and then hardly fit into the car for the trip back hahah.)
 See wine info above.
 They have such lovely streets and the market stands are quite unique too. We have them in Prague but I have the feeling ours are much cheaper/of worse quality than the ones of our German neighbors.
Even the post office had its own stand - too funny!
Evidence that I really wore a dress in the cold and rain. Surprisingly I think I prefer to wear skirts/dresses in the worse weather. Just me? Oh well.. you'll have to take my word for it that it does have a few pluses..
Posing with the boy's Mum.
Overall it was a fun trip and definitely helped me get the holiday spirit working, plus was way waaaay better than staying home & studying! Now I must do lie down. See you tomorrow for another day another dress, xox, MsV**

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