Tuesday, December 27, 2011

237 Liven It Up!

 You might have noticed that the shoe count number went up again by 3, well, I went post Christmas sales shopping.. It's a tradition! Among some of the things I bought were a grey Zara dress, green Zara flats and a black Stradivarius handbag with studs...
I had been eyeing these flats for ages (ever since summer) and I was on the look-out for green flats ever since I bought a pair of blue flats.
This bag was a newby on my radar and it got me with its attachable strap or clutch option. Oh the endless posibilities. The only downside to my shopping was that I thought I had a bit more on my account and sadly now I'm in the minus. I hate being in the minus. So that's on my New Year's Resolution list as numero uno: DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN EARN.
What's on your list?

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