Thursday, December 8, 2011

Read or Dead

This will definitely be the last post of today - I just felt that I had some making up to do for being m.i.a. since monday. Anyways, I thought I'd share a few current reads of mine. Starting with a book I just started and finished reading yesterday: Cecelia Ahern's "The Book of Tomorrow". Now, those who know me know I'm a big Ahern fan. I love how her books take the reader to a magical place and anything can happen. "The Book of Tomorrow" has that typical fairytale spirit of Cecelia's books and I enjoyed reading it. Though it won't get onto my list of top ten favorite books, it is worth while and I definitely do recommend it. (I even bought it for my sis for Christmas - I read mine via my Kindle btw.)
 Next we have Chuck Palanuik's "Haunted". The boy had read this book first and then he bought it for my brother for his bday and ever since I was dying to read it too. So I downloaded it online and well, I'm about half-way now and to be perfectly honest, I'm a bit dissapointed. I'm a Palanuik fan and all but this book just makes me depressed in a way, it is a perfect example of what' wrong with people - by this I mean that the way the characters behave is sad and pathetic. Some of the short stories are chilling and all-in-all it IS well written it's just, I dunno, I expected more haunting and less people just being nasty? But still, if you are a Palanuik fan, I'd say this is a must..
Last on today's book list is Cat Townsend's "Breaking the Rules" which is a sequel to "Sleeping Around" - Cat's first novel. I really enjoyed reading her first book so was thrilled to finally get my hands on the second (living in Prague definitely has it's down side to trying to get foreign books..or at least whilst being on a budget.) However, it is a tad dissapointing as she is missing her ex half the time and well, I kinda got bored and so have stopped reading somewhere near the middle of the book. I might try to finish it later and hopefully it could pick up a bit but truthfully, I don't expect it to.
Anyways, that's all for today folks, time to put my hair down and all that, xox, MsV

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