Thursday, December 22, 2011

Past Events

 I know I promised to post the outfit from last night's anni dinner. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture. I wore a simple LBD with a studded belt. I'll snap it up sometime soon. Anyways, speaking of past events, on Monday, we went to a pig-christmas party (for members of our Pig Club) and here's a cute pic of me & Dracul. Here's me filling out the questinnaire we were all given to answer.
 And since I also said I'd be posting something from Vienna and then never did (not that I didn't want to, it was just that I hadn't had the time to sort through the photos yet...), here's at least one. I'm wearing: Ugg Australia boots, H&M tights, thrifted houndstooth skirt, Zara tee, Mango sweater, Topshop bag.
Me & Mr.M. at the Albertina museum.

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