Friday, December 9, 2011

231 Sitting Duck

 Yup, it's another day of wearing a dress and saving shoes. You see, I have set myself a huge goal of ending the shoe challenge by the end of December (even though I'm going on holiday in January and could save the rest of my more summery shoes..) - but my reason for this is I want to take normal outfit photos and not have to stress about which shoes haven't been shown. And except for these and the few new additions, the ones that haven't yet been shown are the ones I don't particularly like. These I was saving for New Year's but then I thought: fuck it.
 Being it Dressember, I'm wearing a Zara dress and Lanvin for H&M heels. Though these shoes are definitely very cute, they are so so so uncomfortable!!! (Which is the reason why I decided to forget about New Year's..)
 And why I'm sitting down during these photos.. Weird thing is they WEREN'T so uncomfortable in store. What happened?? Why?! Bloody hell!
I've now got to head to work and stop by the post office so I'm gonna change into something more freezing wheather appropriate and then change back into this for dinner out - or I might opt for something entierly different - and save some more shoes. Who knows..


Aline C. said...

Ouu I'm kinda jelly you were able to get a Lanvin for H&M shoe, they were SO original :D
Love the dress!

MsVeve said...

Thanks! It was a hard decision - to buy or not to buy - and I'm still not 100% positive that I did right but I think if I hadn't bought them I would have regretted it..