Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Tries

Possibly the most awesome Christmas gift I got (though I loved each and every one of my gifts, I generally love gifts) was this AEG sewing machine. The Boy got it for me as a secret and I am overjoyed. Though the instructions manual is evidently translated from some very foreign language into English (either that or written in code?) and thus I have had to decipher it gradually, I love my new sewing machine.
Today, after finally nailing the correct alllingment of both upper and lower threads and with no thread jam occurring, I happiily worked on my first serwing machine project - e.g. fitting this thrifted Topshop skirt from a huge unwearable thing into the skirt pictured below.
I'm quite happy with the result and am super excited about learning how to sew and everything. I hope I get better and better at it and that one day I'll be sewing complete garnets and not just fitting them. As always, wish me luck!, xox, MsVeve

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