Monday, December 5, 2011

So this is Christmas..

Every year I give myself a pressie as well as buying gifts for my loved ones, after all I love myself too. This year my present consisted of a two-pairs-of-shoes-asos-order. And they arrived today!
 Melissa + Barbie = stiletto print ballerina pump. Awesome. (Am thinking about getting the black ones too.)
 Asos pretty lace brogues - these will definitely get a lot of wear once it's spring..
Though I'm excited about the holidays, I cannot wait for January to be over (with my uni exams and signing up for classes in the next semester over too) and I am already longing for the summer. Living in Prague means there will definitely be a LOT of waiting for the warmer days to arrive. But there's definitely a few things to be able to look forward to this month as well: Vienna trip in two weeks (excited!), last of the Christmas shopping, holiday cookies!, family time, being lazy and watching fairytales, building a snowman, snowball fights, hot chocolate, walking hand-in-hand in the moonlight with the freshsnow crunching below your feet - yeah, winter does have a FEW pluses. Hope everyone finds something to be happy about**

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