Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sale Finds: Santa's Little Helper

 I mentioned my H&M shopping spree yesterday and I would like to show you a couple things I bought. I'll start with this men's (size XS) checked shirt and overall miniskirt. I have been looking for a nice checked shirt for ages but either the pattern is horrific or they have some stupid frilly nonsense going on. Thus I ventured into the men's section and found the perfect alternative. Yes, I bought myself a men's shirt. I'd even shop in the kid's section (I have no shame) but they have too short sleeves... The overall miniskirt, though it kinda LOOKS like it might have come from the kid's section, it's classic Divided women style. Also it briefly reminded me of my favorite holiday costume outift: Angela's (from the Bones show) elf outfit from a Christmas episode a few seasons back..
 Here's a small reminder. Angie had the cutest shoes to match the outfit, though sadly I couldn't find a proper picture of them anywhere (just check out the episode.) Btw, how wicked is it that my overall miniskirt matches Brenan's lab coat. Hah. Speaking of Bones, I found a really sweet photo of Booth & Brenan..
 They totally remind me of Bonnie & Clyde, no? I love that they're finally together in the current season!

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