Monday, November 14, 2011

220 and ten to go

 What: Paolo Santini platformed suede heels
Wearing: Zara skinny jeans, Zara V-neck sweater, gifted black tee, Zara scarf, F&F tights turned to socks
I've been quite lazy in the shoe challenge area lately. It's just with the exception of like two pairs (that I'm saving for the big finale) it's usually shoes I don't really like or shoes that are hard to wear. Pictured above are fouurs pairs I plan to save this week. Iron Fist Eye-ball wedges, New Look demi wedges, H&M black wedges, and the ones I'm now "saving". I bought them on sale and well, just haven't been able to wear them until today! It's because I'm not much of a fan of suede shoes in general and these are quite dificult to style without going OTT. Pairing them off with very casual elements achieved a simple outfit with heels. One that you could get away with wearing to uni or even maybe a night out with friends (though to be honest, for nights out I'd rather opt for a dress..). Anyways, 10 more to go and all of my shoes will be saved! I think I might go through my shoes after the challenge and get rid of some that are falling apart or whatever and organize the keepers in a more friendly manner. Stay tuned!

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