Tuesday, November 1, 2011

218 Harness Bliss

 What: Bershka lace-up boots in beige
Where: out with the pig + uni*

 Yesterday Mr. Piggy and I had time in the morning to go to the garden and he rooted around while I posed. He tried to steel the show from me, totally winning the camera's heart. Notice how big he looks, yes, he's a big fellow nowadays (thou not SO big, he weighs just over 20 kilos - I think.)
 I wish it was more autumn less winter out, well truth be told, I'm all for indian summer weather. But no luck here in Praga, no no. It's a cruel cruel world isn't it?
 Remember ages ago when I spoke of the asos harness belt, well it's definitely one of my favorite pieces, though not always the easiest to wear.. But I think it complimented this dress quite well. Or maybe I just love the belt so much I'm willing to over look its complete uselessness? Could be.
When going to uni I ended up wearing diff. shoes and pulling the thigh high socks down. It got me thinking I need new shoes (which probably isn't the case but so what, it's an addiction!) On completely unrelated matters, I finished reading "Silence of the Lambs" (and highly recommned it!) and "Coming Home" by Melanie Rose. I'm now wondering what to read next (the books I must read for Uni don't count, obviously..) Any ideas?

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