Tuesday, November 22, 2011

225 Golden Girl

 What: Melissa Enjoying in gold
Wearing: H&M dress, 2 pairs of tights (pink ones are H&M, the others ?), thrifted scarf, Topshop leo print coat, Topshop bag (not pictured), Lipsy headband via Asos, Asos chain necklace/harness thing
 So these are the gold gold gold shoes I was talking about yesterday. Yeah, they're totally rad. But also not suitable for winter. I was freezing my toes off. But at least I felt pretty.. And it's all about how you feel no? Perhaps spring/summer shoes in autumn/winter plus a bad case of the head cold don't work too well together, but it was the monthly anni night-out thing we do every month and at least there was no snow in the mix right? Right?? Just agree with me..
 Sometimes we love things for no apparent reason at all. Like the photo above. No, it's not really so great, and is a bit blurred too. But I just kinda love it.
Speaking of blurred photos: this outfit just wouldn't photograph sharply. So to hell with it and back, here's a blurred me photo once more.. Anyways, another pair of shoes saved and every day we're getting nearer and nearer to the end right? Just a few pairs to go and the shoe challenge will be OVER. It's almost scary, but then again, there will always be new shoes to lust over haa.. Who knows how the story will end? Xox, MsV

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