Sunday, November 27, 2011

228 Mister Tweed

 What: Asos Mister Tweed lace-up brogues
Wearing: H&M shirt, Zara sweater, Bershka skirt, H&M tights and leg warmers, Asos Mr. Octapus necklace
 This is what I wore for a shopping trip on Saturday, looking around for pressies for one of my most beloved friends and her twin sis. (Ended up getting them matching gold piggie banks which were filled up during the party with bday/luck donations..). So far I don't have any photos from the party but I know someone was definitely taking pics so once they'll be posted on facebook I might steal a few:)
Anyways, this is Mr. Octy, my new favorite necklace for the past couple of days. He is acid green and a tad evil looking but still way cute right? He likes to hang around..

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