Wednesday, November 16, 2011

222 Mere Wishes

 What: Irregular choice charm heels
Wearing: Topshop dress and tights, Bershka shirt, vintage cuff
 Yeah, there's no "where" cause I'm just wearing these around the flat (since it's too cold outside). I had been planning a wonderful outting for these heels but sadly before I got to it, it turned winter on me. All day today (besides going to uni) I have been looking up Moon Boots and thinking about other ways to keep warm.
 These may not be cold weather appropriate but they do warm the heart, no? I love the charms (Mr. Monkey is rad). And the heel is quite something too. Add one cute ass polka dotted bow and you get MsVeve approved footwear.
There's a few more pairs left so stay tuned for the rest of the challenge (though the real challenge is not to add any more shoes!) Xoxo, MsVeve

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