Friday, November 4, 2011

Hearts on.. Everything

 Yesterday was in the rhythm of DIY. I first fixed up my favorite and already quite worn out (e.g. wouldn't matter THAT much if I screwed up) jeans by adding heart shaped patches to the knees. (It was this iron-on material which I cut into heart sheaped pieces and ironed on and then super-glued the edges since didn't hold on too well). My second DIY project was removing the buttons from this thrifted Topshop sweater and sewing new buttons on. Thou you can't really tell from the picture below, the buttons are heart shaped and 4 are smaller and red and the 5th is bigger and pink (but with the completely same shape as the red ones). I put the pink button in 2nd position and it looks pretty good - if I do say so myself. Typical me, I wore it with the DIYed heart knee-patch jeans today for a double dose of heart-themed clothes. Anyways, wishing everyone a lovlely weekend, xoxo, MsVeve

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