Friday, November 18, 2011

Would Wear Did Wear

 I'm coining a new blog category and it's the "Would Wear - Did Wear" term: one option being what I would wear if circumstances or what if allowed such outfit and the other, obviously, what I actually ended up wearing. This is totally the heart of most of my outfits, funny how long it took me to come up with it ey?

Would Wear:
 A darling mix of boy inspired and chic femme fetale. I feel in love with these shorts the minute I saw them (it's one of the pieces that I bought over the weekend at H&M.)
New Look demi wedges
H&M leather look track shorts
H&M overtheknee socks
Zara oversized dress shirt
Hata DIYed tweed coat with rabbit colar 

Did Wear:
 Being it (again) uber cold out and only heading to the lab (e.g. conservative look required!), I opted for a casual city outfit. Yeah, yeah, nothing too exciting, but still very moi. 
Zara jeans
Office shoes
trifted belt
H&M sweater
Pull&Bear hooded leather jeacket
Topshop ear-muffs and favorite bag
Promod leather gloves
It's so not fair checking out my favorite blogs and seeing the lovely ladies all sporting short skirts and sweaters insteadof layers and layers of keep-warm clothes. But hey, winter's not THAT bad yet so I should try to be more positive. At least there's no ice yet:)) And I love wearing these ear-muffs that I got from the boy for Valentines day. It's the little things in life <3 Wishing you all a perfect weekend, hope you enjoooy thenew category, and with that I bid you a savy-happpy piggy-fuzy wazy day, xoxo, MsV

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