Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Another Day

 It was another cold and dreary day but since I was expecting to get home early, I decided to wear a dress. I found it during Monday's thrift shopping. It's a Dunnes skater-cut dress and has quite a lovely floral print going on..
 Me and the cam. Still in the romantic/"in-love" part of our relationship (I wonder how long that will last..) *I'd like to point out my nail polish. It's from "Model's Own" (which is beyond any doubt my favorite cosmetics line for nail varnish) and it's called 'Aciiied' but I'm just about to put a new color on ('Tangerine Queen') so in the last photo I have no nail polish on.
 I went gift shopping after uni and bought my brother this adorable cooling ice pack for hangovers and the best thing is it's got "just what the doctor ordered" written on it (my bro's a doctor), dontchya love a gift with a pun?:))
 I also bought a gift for myself (since I already have like almost all the other gifts bought for everyone else). It's a darling tiny fashion book and I've got a few ideas for it, you'll see soon enough.
Just to show how big the book is:) The thing is, I'll hopefully have a scanner soon and will be doing a few magazine/book projects here on the blog.. but more on that when the time comes. Till then xoxo, MsV

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