Monday, November 14, 2011

The Goods

 Today the camera arrived. Funny how things turned out: over the weekend the Boy gave me his old cam. and I could have totally just kept that one and could have saved loads. Anyways, I'm just testing out the camera today and took pictures of my closet and critical areas that need a bit of a change. So, my closet. It's quite organized actually, but that's only because it holds only a small procentage of my stuff. Namely just my dresses and a few coats (the rest are in other places), a few bags in the lowest compartment and that's about it..
The most problematic area.. My bag and scarf rack. The Boy loathes this invention of mine. You see, the rack used to be where his closet is and he thought that once he bought his closet the rack would dissapear. This of course didn't happen and I just moved the rack else where, haha. But he's been giving me lip about it so I guess I'll have to rethink how to store all of my goodies.
See this on the other hand is my pride of bag storage. The multitasking closet is awesome. It consists of my favorite bags (most of which are Zara or Topshop but one is Dior). Anyways, I've got to get busy with a few errands and then I'll be (hopefully) back with more photos.

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