Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thinking about shoes..

I popped by my fave net store (asos) and was stunded by two pairs of booties. The first are Aldo and the second ones are Asos. Both leather, both wedges, one of which are currently now on half-off sale (the Asos ones). Hmmm. Of course, truth be told, I'm not buying either of them because a) I'm dead broke b) if I wasn't dead broke I'd use my money on Christmas pressies and not on shoes for myself (or well I figure I would, you never know..). So why am I talking about these ankle boots if I'm not buying these shoes? Cause a girl can dream right. (I prefer the first pair as a small salute to creepers.) Anyhoo, I've got a hellova day tomorrow so wish me luck and strong nerves! Xox, MsVeve

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