Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 I'm a fishnet stocking kinda girl and even more than wearing them in the summer months, I love layering them on over thicker tights. Like today's combo with my RiverIsland booties.
 After my lessons I took a small detour home and popped by Palladium and my fave make-up store Sephora. I bought two lipsticks and a lip liner and two eye pencils. Here's how I store my lipsticks: in a darling pig-decorated shoe box. It might not be too organized but I'm happy with it (thou obvioously I don't need any more lipsticks.) Btw, I bought "Innoncent beige" and "Candy Pink".
 On my last stop before taking the tram home I couldn't resist any longer and bought the Versace for H&M leggings. It's the each leg a different style thing that finally got me. I'm sure that they'll brighten up my dreary winter days. (I also wanted to get some of the jewelry but except for two faulty necklaces, all was sold out already.)
I really liked some of the dresses from the Versace for H&M collection but they are too damn over-priced. These leggings however were "just" 899,- Kc (which would be roughly 32 pounds).. Anyways, I can't wait for H&M's next collaboration:)

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