Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Creative Day

 Today I received a coat that I auctioned and it well, it didn't really suit me too good. Instead of trying to sell it or give it away I decided to change it! I shortened it by loads and I also removed the sleeves. Now I have the prefect coat-vest to wear over leather jackets! I love it! (The collar of the coat is rabbit fur, but it's vintage so I don't feel that guilty. The coat was originally by desinger Tana Havlickova/HaTa design. Since I auctioned it really cheaply I wasn't too worried about ruining it. I'm so glad I braved this project and now have a lovely new addition in my closet.)
Here's how the coat looked before. It's great in theory but didn't suit me at all! (This photo is from the seller from the auction.)
 Speaking of getting that creative freak on, notice my quirky earrings. Yup, made by MsVeve. I think 8-12 year olds would love these. Anyways, today's been a long hard day and I'm now off to relax and enjoy dinner & a movie. Xox, MsVeve

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