Monday, November 14, 2011

221 TomBoy

 Above: new Ray-Ban sunnies. Love.
Below: H&M black wedges shoe save
 Wearing: thrifted dress, Mango sweater with cropped sleaves, Marks&Spensers men's hat
Having a new camera doesn't solve the huge mess I have at the flat so it'sback to effects. Yup yup. I reckon if it's black'n'white you can't really notice the STUFF everywhere right? No. Oh well, I'm in the process of cleaning up so next time it'll be a whole new story. Speaking of cleaning up though, I threw away two pairs of shoes today. (Both of which were already saved in the shoe challenge but mercilessly chucked nonetheless). This is like a new me. Next thing you know I'll head out to the gym! Ha!:)

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