Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sephora Santa

 After a looooong day at uni I went shopping/ looking around for Christmas gifts or inspiration. As my last stop (with not seeing anything worth buying in all my other favorite stores - this does not happen too often!) I went to Sephora and I ending buying three of these darling make-up casettes. One for my mum, one for my sis, one for the boy's mum. They WEREN'T cheap but you get a lot for the money. And they had a buy 2 get the third one free deal. So it was kinda a bargain..
 When you open the bow you get two palettes of eyeshadows. Each side holds 49 shades. That's almost a hundred different eye shadows! And really nice colors too!
 When you open up the casette more, you get two sets of lip glosses. 35 lip glosses on each side. That's 70 different lippies. Quite nice no?
In the last section, there's 6 cream eye liners, 5 eye pencils, 3 blushes and a set of brushes and a mirror.. I know my mum and sis will enjoy this, because they hardly use make-up and when they do go out somewhere they always used to look up to me to help them and now that I don't live with them anymore, they'll have this here box instead:) The boy's mum, now, I'm not so sure, but it's the thought that counts, no? :) What  are you getting your loved ones for Christmas? Ehm, is it too early to be Christmas shopping already?? Xoxox, MsVeve

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Thick Threads said...

oh wow those are really awesome! and that was agreat bargain. really cool gifts! :)