Monday, November 21, 2011

Would Wear Did Wear Shoe Challenge Style

 Welcome back to another Would Wear Did Wear episode, this time in the form of saving shoes. 
What: Iron Fist Eyeball wedges
Wearing: Pull&Bear leather-esque trousers, old old tank top, H&M sweater
Did Wear: Stradivarius high brogues with Zara jeans, F&F tank top, Zara sweater and Gate hairbands
Be these shoes as lovely as they are, unfortunately, it's bloody hell cold out as usual and so the more rational side of my brain won the debate with my shoe sided side. Yeah, I know. Anyways, in the land of MsV, today is another mini-anni night with the boy so there'll be dinner plans and thus an excuse to wear some pretty rad shoes. I have a new addition to my shoe closet and it's a pair of gold Melissas. Yeah. As the Goldmember would say "I loooooooove gooooold". And I do, I really do. You'll see..

1 comment:

Shmi said...

awesome wedges you have there :) I saw something with similar style some time ago with loud print and nice colours, but the thing with my feet is just that even with such small peep toe, chances are I'll get hanging toes, cos my toes are just extremely too long..