Thursday, November 17, 2011

Versace for H&M

 Today was the Czech opening for the Versace for H&M collection. The only thing I ended up buying (from the Versace collection, I bought some other things from regular H&M) was this "Fashion Bible" - an encyklopedia-ish book of fashion designers.
I really liked the cover on one side (the other side was rather blah so I didn't even take photos of it), but when I got home and opened it up, I was a tiny bit dissapointed from the graphics of the book. Some of the pictures are just crap (like that it's a blow up where you can see the pixels and it just looks cheap or fuzzy pictures like my old camera used to produce..). But nonetheless, I'm happy with buying it and enlarging my book collection (I love books in general..). The rest of the Versace collection however left me cold, or well some things were nice but not worth the money. I like this one dress (silver, chain-like heavy and all) that Rumi bought, but for 6000,- Kc?? No way! And truth be told I expected nicer footwear (though I did quite fancy this pink dress shoe in the men's section..). At least I saved money right? Xoxo, MsVeve

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